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Call Us Today!
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We offer the installation of new wood offering many different species and grades of wood including quality prefinished and engineering products. Our installers are incredible craftsmen that we are proud to have as a part of our working family.
Sanding your floors down to the bare wood using our dust containment system providing you with the cleanest environment. Once sanded, we then offer stain samples placed on the newly sanded floor so our customers can get a true sense as to how the color will look. After picking the stain color we then follow this with the application of 3 coats of finish. There are both oil-base and water-base finishes available.
This process is a great way to bring the life back to your hardwood floors. It is simply a very light buffing of the surface of the floor, thoroughly cleaning and applying a fresh coat of finish. Recoating is a one-day process and the quickest way to get that luster back. This is also the time that you can change the sheen of your floors giving the room a completely different appearance. It is extremely important to not use ANY oil-base products on your floors as they WILL contaminate the finish and recoating will not be an option.
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